Who-We-Are-PNG Your Huntersville Chamber is dedicated to the success of your business. The return on your investment from a growing number of services, programs and benefits will be invaluable. As the town of Huntersville continues to grow and flourish, your opportunities will grow with the guidance of an organization that is formed strictly for your business success. As an investor in the Huntersville Chamber of Commerce, you will have opportunities to develop partnerships and link to other businesses. You will be a valued participant in community outreach and input. The Huntersville Chamber will be your conduit for advocacy and business development opportunities and will give you immediate listing on our website and membership directory. The Huntersville Chamber is an outgrowth of Huntersville Connection, proving that there is a need for Huntersville business owners and those businesses that focus on the Huntersville area to have a resource for growth and discussion and advocacy. You’ll also have unique opportunities not available to non-member businesses. The Huntersville Chamber can help you and, in return, help the community at large.  As such, YOUR voice will dictate the future visions for the Huntersville Chamber. The Huntersville Chamber is dedicated to be unique. After all, that is the success of Huntersville Connection. While networking events and grand opening celebrations remain a norm of Chamber offerings, the Huntersville Chamber will go above and beyond to find special opportunities for YOUR business to find successes. Thinking outside of the box. Matchmaking your business with partners. Referrals that benefit both entities. Making sure you get the biggest bang out of a membership fee that doesn’t hurt your wallet. What you get out of the Huntersville Chamber will of course also depend on you. Take advantage of opportunities that you’ll receive. Make suggestions on how the Chamber can grow. Reach out of your comfort zone. The Huntersville Chamber is here to back you up.