Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

Opening soon in Birkdale Shopping Center, Buttermilk Sky Pie is part of a Southern family of dessert shops specializing in handmade pies in your favorites sizes and flavors. We believe that you can solve a lot of things just by gathering around a community table and sharing delicious food and good conversation. And just like a good time-honored family recipe, we love passing down stories from generation to generation. Know that when we share our pies, we also share love. So pull up a chair at the shop nearest you and we’ll come sit with you a spell.

Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop is bringing back the connections of flavors, memories and family and friends. With a large menu of everyday offerings like the Southern Custard (buttermilk), the famous I-40 (with pecans, chocolate chips and toasted coconut) and Granny's Apple, we also offer season favorites (like our mouth-watering Blueberry). Our sizes fit all desires -- 9-, 4- and 2-inch pies, thumbprint cookies, our Cloud ( (we add ice cream!) and our popular pie stacks.

We can wow you with words, but pictures really give you a "taste" of what we're all about: