Caterpillar Ministries

Caterpillar Ministries was launched in 2007 by Anne Crawford. Anne began this ministry by walking door-to-door in the multi-ethnic Huntington Green Mobile Home Park. Many families wouldn’t even come to the door; eventually, however, God paved the way for relationships to be formed and she began meeting with a handful of children in a resident’s front yard. In 2015, we expanded our programs to serve middle and high school students. In 2017, we stepped out in faith to more officially serve the adult population of the community, as well.

The ministry has now grown to serve approximately 225 children and adults. We are proud to have our own space and two 12-passenger vans to help us transport our neighbors to and from our weekly programs. Our staff members and volunteer team model Jesus’ love by providing educational, spiritual and mentoring programs for the neighbors. The services provided are made possible through donations from churches, individuals and corporate partners.

Caterpillar Ministries exists to share life and the love of Christ with families living in impoverished areas of Lake Norman.  Volunteers provide educational, spiritual and mentoring programs for neighbors in Huntington Green, a multi-ethnic neighborhood where poverty, high drop-out rates, chronic unemployment and addiction to drugs and alcohol often prevent individuals from thriving and living up to their God-given potential.


In the U.S., approximately 20% of children live in poverty, but interestingly, only 4.5% of Huntersville's children live in poverty. In a region of wealth, Huntington Green suffers from chronic unemployment, food insecurity, housing instability, and limited access to health care. Lake Norman is a unique community in that we are an area of extraordinary wealth but we are also a community filled with people of faith. Caterpillar Ministries provides the wonderful people of Lake Norman a way to connect our wealth with our neighbors in need.

We seek to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ by providing interventional programs through genuine relationships. We live life with these families, sharing Christ and His love and helping them to know that they are not alone.


Our mailing address is:

Caterpillar Ministries
PO Box 2155
Huntersville, NC 28070