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Get The Property Management Services You Need With Keyrenter Huntersville

Are you prepared to professionally manage your property? If you are like most rental property owners, you aren’t. The reason ‘why’ is simple. You are busy with your day job, like most of our clients. You see a large part of our clients own between one and five properties all while holding down full-time jobs. That means anything needing to be done for the property happens AFTER a full day’s work. The client locks themselves out of the apartment, you have to take care of that. Windows need repair, you swing by after work to see what’s needed. This becomes time-consuming. That’s where we can help.



We provide the assistance you need day to day for everything you need to manage your property seamlessly. That includes:

  • Tackling repairs as they are needed
  • Keeping the property in premium condition
  • Sending monthly invoices
  • Screening tenant applications
  • Fielding tenant requests
  • And more

Most rental property owners don’t have the time, energy, or experience to get the small details right-we do.

That’s why so many clients, from first time rental property owners to massive multi-unit complex investors turn to us.

Keyrenter Huntersville matches the services you need to the project at hand, that way you never pay for services you’ll never use!

Why Choose Keyrenter

When it comes to property management there are a lot of options available. We understand that.

So what sets us apart? Two things:

1: We Have Years Of Experience-Unlike other companies that pop up only to disappear a year later we’ve been providing premium property management in the Premier area for years.

2: We Have A Results Driven Platform-Other companies load you up with services you don’t need to pad their profits. We don’t do that. Instead, we designed industry specific packages.

Our goal is to help you reach and improve:

  • Occupancy
  • Valuation
  • Your Real Estate Investment Goals

Jacob Bolson is your Keyrenter Huntersville's owner/operator.  Jacob Bolson is a military veteran with an MBA from the University of Montana. For a majority of Jacob’s professional career he has needed to be mobile, and for that reason has lived in apartments or rental homes almost all of his adult life. As a result, he has developed considerable skill in identifying local resources to locate rentals in distant markets, the intricate details of the property management industry, common mistakes made in the industry, and has an innovative way of managing rentals and keeping residents happy. Call Jacob for more information at 704-461-3000.


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