Kinchen Martial Arts

At Kinchen Martial Arts, training in martial arts is more than a physical activity, it’s a way of life.  You join a group with a rare kinship, that’s focused on improving physical fitness, coordination, discipline, self-defense skills, and self-confidence.

The ultimate aim in martial arts in not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants.  This character building is probably the least obvious aspect of the training to the untrained eye, but it is the very core or essence of why we train.  In every class at our school, we discuss elements of personal character like: generosity, integrity, perseverance, respect, honor, loyalty and courage.

The emphasis of our martial arts school or dojo,is on building physical fitness, developing character, and self-defense.  We strive to increase each student’s self worth.

These values are especially important when working with children and families – the primary focus of our martial arts school in Cornelius NC.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Martial Arts for both children and adults:

Respect for values: Honesty, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, and excellence are course areas of focus.

Improved physical fitness: Martial Arts provide a total body workout.

Enhanced self-esteem: By learning these skills and improving your physical condition, you become more comfortable in all situations – whether you are doing a task outside your comfort zone or if you are in danger. Children of all ages build a new sense of confidence, making them nearly bully-proof.

Stress relief:  Kicking, punching, and screaming are a great release, no matter what age.

Our martial arts instructors have committed themselves to sharing their knowledge and setting an example of excellence, in physical skill, character, and attitude.

We hope you become a martial arts student at Kinchen Martial Arts.

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