Rosedale Health and Wellness

Treating the entire patient, not just symptoms.

At Rosedale Health and Wellness, our vision is to be the unmatched leader in improving healthcare and reducing the barriers to health care for people in the communities we serve. We can serve all clients' general medical needs and accept new clients for primary care, specialty care, or both. Rosedale makes it a priority to treat the entire patient, not just the symptoms or disease.

Still offering the highest and most innovative treatment plans for HIV/AIDS, we aim to reduce your barriers to better health.  An on-site Walgreen’s pharmacy, on-site laboratory, access to national and international research studies, mental health counseling, nutrition counseling, and patient advocates all make Rosedale Health and Wellness the clear choice to be your partner in health. And with our non-profit partnership through Dudley's Place, we are positioned to be the leading health care provider for clients who live HIV positive.


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