At a crossroads between mountains and beaches, Huntersville has long had a history of preparing for its future.


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Today, the Town of Huntersville boasts a growing population of over 54,000, with a wide variety of business, residential and recreation offerings that make Huntersville a destination for a top-quality way of life.



Huntersville covers an area of nearly 32 square miles, which includes several local parks and field space, large shopping districts, a dozen public schools, access to both Lake Norman and Mountain Island Lake and more. Neighborhoods range from mixed use and higher density to larger lot sizes and even farms.


metrolinaCurrently, Huntersville is the 19th largest municipality in the State of North Carolina and has been touted for preparing for growth and diversifying the tax rate.


Huntersville’s tax rate remains one of the lowest of the largest municipalities and has received AAA Bond Ratings for the past 8 years.


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The Town Hall of Huntersville is located at the intersection of Highway 115 (Old Statesville Road) and Gilead Road. For Town issues, like trash and recycling, zoning, parks and recreation or road issues, you can call Town Hall at (704) 875-6541.  The Town of Huntersville website has been recently revamped to provide more information to area residents.  Click HERE for more information.  There you can find information on your town officials, details about area trash and recycling pickup, dates for events and future town meeting, proposed zoning petitions and even crime rate statistics in your neighborhood.